On standing…

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been selected as the parliamentary candidate for the Labour Party in South Suffolk.  The Labour Party has recently been going through turbulent times, but that doesn’t stop it being the party with the policies that hold the most promise for a fairer and more equal society.

Labour is full of committed activists,  supporters, and thinkers, able to campaign, promote and make decisions which are in the best interests of all of us. I can’t think of a better example of what this looks like on a local level than Suffolk Labour’s Manifesto for the county council elections, which have led to the very welcome return of Jack Owen as Labour councillor for Sudbury.

The current government is lurching towards negotiations on Brexit with no interest in mitigating its impact on our future prosperity. That’s in nobody’s interest, let alone our collective interest as a society.   I’m a musician – I know that you can’t conduct a choir from outside the room, which is exactly what Theresa May would have us believe is possible.   And whilst she’s busy pretending otherwise, her government has cut our public services leaving schools with a £3 billion funding gap, social care in chaos, and public sector workers without pay rises.

Labour always strives to create a more equal society, which is why Labour MPs across the country stand for more investment in our public services.   As the old saying has it: prevention is better than cure.  Failure to invest leads to increased costs in the long run; a more equal society is not only better for us, but also more affordable in the long term.  If the Brexit vote has taught us anything it’s that across the country, people know from experience that this country is not a fair and equitable place to live.   We need to change this, and to challenge the policies that give rise to it.  That ‘s why I’m standing for election.

I was fortunate to be parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk in the 2010 election. I live and work in the constituency and my particular interests and campaign experience continue to be in education, health and the environment, about which I shall post more over the coming weeks. I know that it is an extraordinary privilege to be a parliamentary candidate – it brings opportunities to meet people and to visit schools and workplaces and to understand more about the work that is done here and the community that we live in. I also know that, thanks particularly to the tireless work of local activists and the 2015 parliamentary candidate, Jane Basham, it’s a seat in which there is more Labour activity than you might think.

I love living in Suffolk: it is not only beautiful to look at but full of towns and villages with a clear sense of community.  Yet that sense of community is threatened by increased inequality, impoverished public services, and decisions – most notably on housing – that fail to take account of the needs and wishes of local people.  Now that the Brexit process has been started, we can’t afford to exchange the protections of the EU for a power-grab by big business.  I’m standing to be MP for South Suffolk as I want to work for a Suffolk that is not only beautiful to look at, but has secure, effective public services, and is a vibrant place to live.

If you want to contact me during the election campaign, please email me on emmajbishton@gmail.com

For more information on Labour in South Suffolk go to http://www.southsuffolklabour.co.uk

Emma Bishton is Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Suffolk #GE2017. Promoted by David Plowman on behalf of Emma Bishton both of 8 Queen St, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5DZ.




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