Leading by example

I’ve never re-blogged a post before. But this one, and this campaign, is so exactly in tune with my thoughts about what is happening to our primary school pupils and schools, that I thought it time to start. Our children are currently subject to a testing regime designed to populate league tables, not a curriculum aimed at nurturing creativity and a love of learning. More than a Score aims to change that. I’m actively involved in Rescue our Schools, one of the partners in the #morethanascoreUK campaign. Please go to morethanascore.co.uk to find out more, and sign the campaign pledge.

More Than a Score UK

I should start by saying that I love teaching and I love my school. I am the head teacher of a large primary school in a very disadvantaged community, which means that many of our children and their families face huge challenges on a daily basis such as mental health issues, sub-standard housing conditions and daily difficulties in making ends meet. Despite these challenges, most skip happily into school keen to learn, are polite and enthusiastic about their school community.

I am a teacher first and foremost. My job is hugely fulfilling and I never know what my day will bring from one day to the next. Last year we launched a little toy dog to the edge of space on a helium balloon with a Go-Pro camera and tracking device. When he fell off on his return journey, the amazing footage thrilled and amazed the children in school beforeā€¦

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